Open Schools was founded as an I T organization that constitutes pioneering and independent consulting services in I CT Education, I T management, I T governance, I T Project Management, IT certification programs and I T applications for business executives and IT professionals.

Open Schools is formed to prepare today’s minds to use the latest technology efficiently to enhance their productivity. We bring in Best Practice in I T management to I T professionals across all sectors. We also teach clients how to use popular business – r elated software through hands – on, instructor – led and multimedia training. Open Schools also offers technical training designed to help today’s changing companies keep pace with technological advancements.


At Open Schools, I T training is our only business, and we are growing first in our industry. It has been, and continuous to be, our goal to set the standard in the computer training industry and to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient and cost – effective manner possible.

We cater for the top end of computer training in Uganda, providing qualified trainers who instruct in either Local languages or English in more than 100 software packages.